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Supporting NDC; My Biggest Regret – Maame Dokono Cries

Ace actress Grace Omaboe alias Maame Dokono has posited in a recent interview that supporting NDC remains as her biggest regret in life because they succeeded in collapsing her business vìs-à-vìs her acting career.

Grace Omaboe who had become a household name from acting, TV and radio hostess and business woman lost all belongings within a blink when news broke that a six month old baby had been sodomized at her “peace and love orphanage”.

Maame Dokono who was sharing her pain with Bola Ray on Starr Chat postulated that everything was orchestrated by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) just to dim her career and business laurels. More importantly, She also dismissed claims that she was running the orphanage without a license.

“It was very political. I had a license but I had not renewed it. It was not illegal because I was operating the orphanage and they were bringing the children to me. Why should they bring the children to me if they knew it was illegal. For most of the children were even taken to orphanages that were not registered.

“I had registered an NGO and every year I had to go and renew it. That is what I knew and I decided to use my house as a shelter. It wasn’t even meant for children alone, it was meant for women and men who were distressed and the social welfare knew about it and OSU children’s home also knew about it.”

The ensuing legal battle brought up the alleged sodomy that happened inside “Peace & Love Orphanage” destroyed a career that had taken years to build – leaving Maame Dokono with a host of diseases. As a result, movie producers and directors failed to cast her in movies because they anticipated low patronage. The good news is that Maame Dokono has six children – one is a Medical Doctor in the U.S and one works with the World Bank.


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