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Lydia Forson Slaps Journalist

Actress Lydia Forson has punched Journalist, Manasseh Azure and some Ghanaians for their incessant attacks and criticisms on Rashida Black Beauty, after her video went viral on social media causing public outrage.

Actress Lydia Forson

According to her, the best they could have done for the poor teenage girl was to extend a helping hand rather than condemning her to death.

She has also hailed radio and television personality, Anita Erskine for standing up for a sister when everyone else was against her.

The actress in her Facebook post said, she simply could not fathom why some Ghanaians have turned the heat on the radio personality, for failing to condemn vulnerable Rashida, who needs public sympathy and support.

Lydia says many Ghanaians including the journalist have singled the poor girl out, looking for opportunity to shame womanhood in society.

“If you listen to the likes of Mannaseh, they’ll have you believe that people cannot be reformed. i mean like people can’t amount to anything because of their past.

Source : yen.com 

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