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KSM’s Phycological Analysis about Ghanaians

somrOne might be wondering where this issue is generating from, but it appears that, most Ghanaians are much more interested in giving credence to unimportant issues than the serious ones.

We Can’t say for other countries but in Ghana, people tend to pay more attention to ‘senseless’ stories than serious ones.

That is why most media houses in Ghana choose to write ‘diabolical’ stories with catchy and juicy headlines that get people to read from their websites always.

The truth is, they do this because they realise that’s most of thier audience are interested in such stories. 

Serious issues don’t get the likes and shares they want as the ‘senseless’ ones do.

Although readers claim the story isn’t newsworthy, they still read and share to their friends which keep on circulating getting people to talk about it for days or even months.

Well, this is not coming from supremeafrica.org but Ace Ghanaian satirist, actor and TV personality Kweku Sintim-Misa popularly known as KSM on his twitter handle said Ghanaians are allergic to serious issues and for one to gain ‘attention’ he/she shouldn’t be serious at all.

“If you want attention in GH, don’t be serious. GH is ALLERGIC to serious issues. In GH, the more its senseless THE GREATER THE ATTENTION”, he stated.

if you want attention in GH, don’t be SERIOUS.

GH is ALLERGIC to serious issues.

In GH, the more its senseless THE GREATER THE ATTENTION
Kwaku Sintim-Misa



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Could this be true? I know some people will take it the wrong way but before you start insulting or judging wrongly, just think about it carefully. Why are people so much interested in scandals than anything else?

Well, a typical example is infamous Rashida Black Beauty, an 18-year-old girl who went viral for insulting her ex-boyfriend on Facebook. Some media houses even glorified her by granting her interviews which she later got awarded by then Viasat 1 for ‘Most Popular Video’ at the Jigwe awards last year.

Another example is actress Christabel Ekeh who also broke the internet with her nude pictures. People never stopped reading and talking about it.

Also, Manasseh Azure Awuni became a subject of mockery after his post on the ongoing Africa CEOs conference in Geneva was butchered by a Facebook account which bears the name Nana Kwame. This went on for weeks making him popular. He had people sending him lots of friend requests on Facebook and got interviewed by Joy FM.

The above are just a few of the examples that gained attention from Ghanaians Supremeafrica.org can refer to.

There are serious issues and stories on news portals in Ghana along with unserious ones but still, readers choose not to pay attention to them. Some pastors, politicians etc have realised this and are using that to get the attention they want from Ghanaians in order to get the fame they want.

Well, what do you think? Is KSM right on this? Must our attitude as Ghanaians change? Until then, this will be the norm of this country by giving credence to ‘senseless’ issues.

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