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SUPREME AFRICA artist management division is based in Kasoa and was founded by Mr. Jackson Osei-Darko in August, 2016 as a company that represents novice and upcoming music stars.

We intend to work with both Ghanaian and international acts, we have developed a reputation as an artist-friendly company whose main focus is always on providing high quality musicians with a platform to develop their careers and to assist them in reaching a larger audience internationally.

On our approach to our work with our artists, we offer a broad representation service which covers each element of the artist’s recording and performing career including executive production of the recording process, negotiation and development of relationships with record labels, digital distributors, publishing companies, and booking agents in Africa and worldwide.

The following are our offers for both our singed and unsigned artists.For our unsigned artists, we offer the following:
• Send out demos to labels, radio stations, local print media, and online publications
• Book gigs and invite labels and the media to the shows
• Network and talk to people about the artist
• Help book studio time and practice sessions
• Explore funding opportunities for the artist
And for our signed artists, we offer the following:
• Negotiate financial deals with the label for expenses like touring and recording
• Oversee other people working for the artist, like agents and merchandisers.
Our central aim with the acts we work with is to ensure that their music and performance receives a high level of exposure to the audience we feel they need to reach. While we do run a core roster of key acts as a management company, our business does also on occasion provide services for artists on a project by project basis.