The Ghanaian reggae artiste Zion Healer has expressed his views on the criminalization of marijuana and said it should be legalized. Over the years, there has been a strong debate about whether or not marijuana should be legalized in Ghana and many from all over the world has shown same consent.

Speaking to the Lesson Tym show host Ras General on Supreme Africa Radio, an online station based in Kasoa in the Central Region on Friday 2nd February, the reggae artiste said “the herbs should not be a criminal thing” and should not be seen as a bad thing .

Zion healer is one of the few who has been a strong advocate for the use of marijuana in recent times .He added that people should not be arrested for using the herb.”In some part of the world marijuana is legalized and they are growing economically well” he stated categorically. He urged the youth not to abuse the drug to avoid being arrested.

The herb can be used for medical purposes like to curing cancer, asthma among others and also be used for industrial purposes like the manufacturing hair cream, ”shito” and body creams.

Source:www.supremeafrica.org/Gideon Evans-Tettey




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