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SUPREME AFRICA RADIO is a worldwide showbiz online medium under the umbrella of  Supreme Africa Limited  that uses the ethics of journalism to inform,educate,and entertain it’s broad audience.


We are a world-class valued and vital showbiz medium that uses the the ethics of broadcasting to inform, educate and entertain our broad audience.
To produce a confined and requisite source of information, music and entertainment to our extreme target broad audience.

*Teamwork is our topmost priority
*we strive to serve our audience in well-accepted manner
*Transparency is our core work value
*we accept all amendments and encourage innovation
*we are committed to excellence with a sense of fun and creativity.

Excellence: We take enormous pride in the craftsmanship of our broadcasting and in the quality of words, music, images help to add impact and clarity to our work.

Putting Principles into Practice: In all situations, we balance them against one another, striving to honor our mission and embrace complexity, continually think through different decisions and make creativity a reality.

Accuracy: Our purpose is to pursue the truth. We take great core to ensure that statement of fact in our broadcasting is both correct and in context.

Completeness: It’s our precedence to broadcast thoroughly and tell stories comprehensively.

Fairness: It’s essential that we treat our audience with scrupulous disinterest, guided by a true professionalism.

Transparency: To gain confidence in our journalism, we reveal as much as practically about how we discover and verify the facts we present.

Independence: For audience trust, we make it clear that our primary allegiance is to the public and vigilant in dissemination of information.